Hedonism Resorts vs Hedonism Hotels

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As some of you already know, our organisation received an unpleasant & threatening pile of papers from a nudist resort called Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica. The WIPO-documents sent to us covered some 700 pages and with a weight of over 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs). Included were a lot of naked or semi-nude photos from their hedonism resorts that go by names such as Hedonism II, Hedonism 3 and Hedonism 4.

What are Hedonism Resorts trying to sabotage?

When I first received the notification from WIPO I thought it was a joke. Something looking like a lawsuit, but filled with naked girls trying to pose and invite for a nude wedding. Does such a funny company even exist? And honestly, why should they send pictures of naked tourists to a hedonism philosophy organisation in the middle of the summer holidays?

There were many questions and little time for us to file an answer. Only 5 days after we got the enormous amount of papers, an answer should be sent back to WIPO and Hedonism Resorts. A lot of headache, however, HedonismHotels.com was able to send in a reply.

Why does the Hedonism Resort fight a non-profit organisation?

I hope Hedonism Resorts and Superclubs are treating their guests better than they did with us. Not only were we innocent in the first place, we had to finish our summer holidays in an abrupt manner with many sleepless nights. Overall it was psychologically tempting to deal with such issues.

We thought it was pretty obvious that HedonismHotels.com does not have anything to do with Hedonism Resorts what so ever. What do you think?

Who are Hedonism Resorts?

Hedonism Resorts are owned by VRL International Ltd. and International Lifestyles. Read more about Hedonism Resorts here and one recent reference to our lawsuit can be found here.

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