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Cruelty Behind Meat Production Revealed

Do you know how cruelty ends up on your plate? How can animals be beaten to death after a life of suffering? Follow the documentary about some of the ‘minor’ viciousness that can be shown to meat eating humans, without creating riots (?). Here is the story called “Farm to Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production“. Sadly enough, it’s no secret that worse stuff goes on off-camera. The western civilisation is based on industrialised murder, period!...  Read More »

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Sex on LSD: #3 Tips on Maximising Pleasure

Here is a short but descriptive guide to what sex on LCD (or acid as some might call it) can be like. LCS is one of the strongest and most unpredictable hallucinogens, often creating intense pleasure for hedonists. The substance has been connecting people around the world, improving sensations and ecstatic feelings in a way sometimes described as hedonism nirvana.  Read More »  Read More →

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Different Ways to use Designer drugs

Prepared by underground, proletarian chemists known as “cookers,” designer drugs can be injected, smoked, snorted or ingested. Perhaps no surprise, but many hedonists love it. Some of the Designer Drugs that are fentanly based have brief effects that last from 30 to 90 minutes. From video and reviews drugs like these really relaxes you and keeps you calm, enjoying life to  Read More »  Read More →

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Cialis, the ultimate hedonism pleasure?

Everyone have their own favourite pleasure and for many hedonists it’s either drugs or herbal. However, if you like sex there is also Cialis (tadalafil), the only erection pill lasting for up to 36 hours. But can a potency pill really enhance the feeling of sex? According to many users, it’s both easily accessible online and a cheap and safe alternative to many other drugs.  Read More »  Read More →

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The Hedonism Song

Two American teenagers sing the Hedonism song - a short but interesting little song. It explains about the essentials of hedonism - pleasure - and about avoiding pain. The song also covers some advantages and disadvantages of pleasure, and portray the life of a hedonist according to Epicurus and Aristippus.  Read More →

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